Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Moving on...

I'm moving my blog over to Wordpress, please come and join me there. Click here to come on over! See you on the other side! ;o)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bit of a Mix

Hello, Its been a busy few weeks with me doing more photography sessions at the Cavell Hospital, some studio portraits, Showjumping at the College of West Anglia and the Mission 4x4 event in Essex. Fenland Visual Arts Collective also had their AGM and for my sins am once again Chair. Sunday saw me at Truckfest at the East of England Showground which was fun but cold!!!

Hope you enjoy the pics and I will try and post again next week after I have done my print on site for a ball on Friday in Wisbech and then to the Newark and Notts County Show at the weekend. Oh and I should take some time out on Thursday to Vote and then have a haircut!!! I do wonder which of those is the most important????

Monday, 19 April 2010

St Georges Day

This is the climbing wall that was one of the attractions at March St Georges Day Celebration yesterday. The kids loved it and when they got to the top they could ring the bell.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


I have been working on some images for Wisbech town guide as well as lots of other projects over the last few weeks so have decided to post a few of those which may show Wisbech from a new angle. Today has been a mix of working on some images for a new exhibition in June as well as starting to get the garden sorted( not my favourite activity) as well as working on some new mixed media artwork all of which I will post in the comming weeks.
I have also decided to spend at least one day a week working on personal projects which I hope will bring a new body of work and an expansion of creativity in all aspects of my life. With the very busy period of spring/summer months comming up I hope to have lots of new images to post both here and facebook and of course website so keep checking them when you have some time.

Feel free to chase me up if I get lazy and dont post often enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

College of West Anglia Equine Centre

Today I again did some print on site photography at the College of West Anglia Equine Centre. Here are three of some of the falls that take place whenver showjumping takes place.
There were no serious injuries and it was only the riders pride that was bruised. All three got back on and rode making sure they then jumped a fence before leaving the arena.
It was a lovely sunny but cold day so lots of coffee was needed as I stood in the arena. They are a great bunch of riders always encouraged and supported by staff and helpers.

The next event I will be covering will be dressage in a few weeks time so unlikely to have these sort of spills then.
My daughter Sarah did the printing and selling for me even though I think she was feeling the worse for wear after Carleys birthday party last night so thanks to Sarah for her help and also to Marian for putting some of the images on my website so that more sales can be made.
My landrover Discovery ( well I think its mine as Sarah always seems to have a reason to "borrow" it ) had a dog guard fitted yesterday which turned into a 3 hour job to get the fixings correct. Thanks to Chris at Fenlandrover for his skill and patience.
Will post again soon

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sarah said I hadnt posted for a while


Yes I havnt posted for a while as I was reminded by my daughter this morning so thought I had better do so!! I also decided to post a picture of her above.Well its been busy both with work and commitments to some of the organisations I belong too. There has also been an addition to the family in the form of a Land Rover Discovery bought in theorey to tow my granddaughers horsebox. I say in theory as my daughter has managed to "borrow" it a lot and I know she hasnt been towing with it. She has named the Discovery "roxy" so look out for news of her adventures. I just hope she doesnt need to use the winch on the front or the snorkel for driving through deep water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, in the meantime, have been offering my framed prints for sale at Lakenheath air base, photographing equine events mainly at the College of West Anglia Equine Centre and last evening set up my mini studio for the Mayor of Chatteris charity ball. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and many bought pictures of themselves dressed in their finery. I have also started another photography course for patients aand staff at Cavel Hospital P/boro and a junior photographic club based in March. Oh and photographed a piece of equipment for a company at 8:30am so that the images could go straight off to the printer for brochures not my best time of the day but then work is work whatever time it needs to be done.
I will endevour to post more regularly especially if Sarah reminds me lol

Monday, 18 January 2010


No not the dirty mac type but the studio flash I use. I use Bowens flash both in the studio and when needed at "print on site" and when doing promotional images for organisations. Unfortunatly the large studio ones have developed a fault so are off being repaired and I hope to collect them this week. The smaller, in size and power, were used for my two studio shoots last week and were really great the only down side is not all my light modifiers fit the smaller units but I am gradually getting ones to fit.
I have been working on a number of illustrated articles for magazines and here are two images from one on trees.

Good news on the Cavelle Centre sessions I mentioned last time in that they have booked me for another four sessions starting this week. The wedding bookings are starting to come in again as are the Balls and Proms. My new sign has also arrived for the studio and am just waiting for suitable weather to put it up, and of course a couple of people to help me as its 8ft long and 3ft wide.

Finally congrats to Marian Savill on her acceptance in a number of exhibitions both in the UK and the USA.